"TONDAIA" Toscana Rosso IGT

We are our company and our company is the wines we produce. It was therefore necessary to blend our wines to describe our company and tell it briefly. Tondaia sums up our company, so much so that we use for it our company name. It’s made up of Pugnitello (70%) and Sangiovese (30%).

We can define it as the story of a different blend. That is opposite of the conventional and former usage of Pugnitello as blending wine for invigorating the body and the color of needy wines. In this case the role is reversed… it is Sangiovese performing a dual function in relation to Pugnitello, i.e. giving it elegance and smoothness on one side, and enriching the olfactory assets on the other. So, at the end of the winter following the production, Pugnitello and Sangiovese are blended. The result is a wine with a complex bouquet, rich in tertiary aromas and woody notes, enveloping and harmonious in taste.