I was born in a village in Puglia; when I was 9 years old my family moved to Florence where I grew up.

My father, an agricultural expert, has certainly given me the love for the land, agriculture and especially for olive trees. I studied agricultural at the University of Florence. I graduated in 2002 in Tropical and Subtropical Agricultural Sciences. Considering my studies, my plan in life was to work around the world; chance has given me a little more sedentary future, but still very interesting.

Immediately after graduation, to expand on my passion, I got a master in “Olive growing and high quality oil” at the University of Pisa. After I returned to Florence in 2006 I received the title of Doctor of Research in Agro-Forestry Engineering, working and expanding on the theme of the olive oil extraction technologies. The university research activity required me to move to Milan for a few years to the CNR – National Research Council – where I expanded my knowledge of agronomic issues related to the cultivation of fiber plants.

During the years of work in Florence I met Silvia, my wife, with whom I decided to create something that would join us also on the professional field.

In these years of work, two beautiful girls arrived as well: Viola and Olivia. In 2015 the “great cellar” was completed. Thanks to the new cellar we can work with techniques and professionalism appropriate to the current wine world.

In the winery I am responsible for the agronomic management of the vineyard, which we try to lead organically and in some ways even bio-dynamically.