I was born and raised in a little town in the Province of Pistoia, in the northern part of Tuscany. Since childhood I have been fascinated by the world of plants and nature in general. Growing up I had the opportunity to cultivate and deepen my interests thanks to my university studies.

In 2001 I graduated in Biological Science at the University of Florence and right after that I started working as a biologist in a laboratory, but at once the work seemed monotonous and repetitive to me, very different from what I wanted to do.

One day, out of curiosity, I joined a wine tasting course. Because of this elementary course, I found a new love, my real passion:  WINE.

Due to my curious nature, the pleasure of studying and the desire to expand everything, I decided I should know everything that is behind a “simple” wine bottle. In few months I decided to undertake new university studies in Enology. So in 2004, after working for a period at some wineries in France, first in Montpellier and then at Château Pontet-Canet in Pauillac in the Bordeaux area side by side the oenologist Jean-Michel Comme, I got a second degree in Viticulture and Enology at the University of Florence.

At the time, my vinery did not exists yet and so I accepted the offer to follow a doctoral program at the Faculty of Agriculture. In 2009 I received the title of Doctor of Research in Agro-Forestry Engineering and I then continued the research activities working on the wine till the end of 2010.

During this period, in which I met Piernicola, my husband, the idea of starting self-employment took shape and in 2005 we planted the first two hectares of Sangiovese in the heart of the Tuscan Maremma, an area with wonderful landscapes and with a great wine vocation.

In fact in 1992 my family bought a small farm in the town of Civitella-Paganico, for the pleasure of spending vacations there. At the time none of us was involved in agriculture. Over the years the farm has come under the DOC Montecucco zone, which was established in 1998, a sign of destiny, a clue that I could not and didn’t want to ignore.

And here I am now, with my 6.5 hectares of vineyard, my new cellar and two wonderful daughters, handling all of this… complicated, but fascinating!